Bread tag laser cut acrylic earrings.
Bread tag laser cut acrylic earrings.

Bread Tag Earrings

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Hang a pair of petite pink bread tags in your ear lobes and declare to the world your love for delicious smelling bakery goods. These mysterious little objects float around my kitchen and are amongst my favourite cultural artifacts. If you are a carb aficionado or if you have one in your life, these bread tag earrings elevate the mundane to the sublime.

I've designed these laser cut acrylic bread clip earrings to be a little smaller than your average bread clip; they sit perfectly in the ear and come in handy if you've ever picked up a bakery snack on the run and don't have anything to seal in that fresh-out-of-the-oven goodness.


Length: 2 cm
Width: 2 cm 

Caring for your acrylic jewellery

Acrylic is hard but can be brittle and scratch easily, so don't get too rowdy while wearing your jewellery and store it somewhere safe. Don't wear it in water and avoid spraying perfume or other liquids on it. 

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