Girth Guides Emblem, Fat Activist Patch
Girth Guides Emblem Patch
Girth Guides Emblem Patch
Girth Guides Emblem Patch
Girth Guides Emblem Patch
Girth Guides Emblem Patch
Girth Guides Fat Activist Patches

Girth Guides Emblem Patch

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Wear the Girth Guides emblem with pride. You belong to a worldwide movement of brilliant people who brave the world with courage and dignity.

Patch measures 5x5cm/ 2x2" and is professionally embroidered right here in Brisbane. It does not have an adhesive backing, and requires sewing or fabric glue.

When you buy all 13 patches you will receive a free PATRON OF THE FATS patch!

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Being a fat person is tough work & sometimes we deserve a bit of recognition for living in the world while fat. Girth Guides is a way to connect with other fat activists and seek comfort in community; a club where we can witness and validate our own strength and lived experiences.

Our fat experiences are varied and the way we resist stigma and hate is different! Some people are loud, and some people are quiet. Resistance is hard work.

There’s no test, no bars to jump, no measurements or scales. You decide which patches you identify with, or have earned through your own hard work, and you can display them however you feel comfortable. For some Guides they might like to wear them up front to spark conversation about fat activism, and for other Guides a private collection may suit their own personal activist practice.