Death Head Moth Acrylic Necklace with Charms, Steampunk style
Death Head Moth Necklace laying on hand for scale.
Death Head Moth Necklace with Charms
Detail of Death Head Moth Necklace with Charms

Death's Head Moth Chatelaine Necklace with Charms

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The Death's Head Moth Chatelaine Necklace is part tribute to a fascinating creature, and also a nod to a historical accessory. The Death's Head Moth itself has been referenced in literature (Dracula as well as the film version of Silence Of The Lambs) for its distinctive skull marking as well as its squeak; while the chatelaine has been worn since ancient Roman times as an accessory for the carrying of household tools, but it emerged in the 19th century as a kind of status symbol for women who controlled a house. Historically, chatelaines have carried any number of useful items such as ear cleaners, keys, tweezers, eye glasses... even toilet seats apparently!

In this laser cut acrylic necklace I've reimagined the chatelaine in keeping with a Steampunk aesthetic, the moth references archaic superstition and the charms symbolise the decorative elements that replaced useful items on the chatelaine as the times changed with the industrial revolution and emerging women's rights.

The eight charms on each piece will vary subject to availability, and may not be exactly as pictured. Charms may include: wing, octopus, clock, gears and cogs, spiderweb, scissors, dragon fly, sword, key.


Pendant length: 3 cm (with charms 5.5cm)
Pendant width: 7 cm 

Chain: 51cm long
The chain is the perfect length for people with bigger necks and shoulders. If you'd like the chain shortened, please leave me a note and tell me how long you'd like it to be.

Caring for your acrylic jewellery

Acrylic is hard but can be brittle and scratch easily, so don't get too rowdy while wearing your jewellery and store it somewhere safe. Don't wear it in water and avoid spraying perfume or other liquids on it.