Black sparkle glitter interrobang acrylic earrings.
Interrobang Earrings

Interrobang Earrings

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Are you in love with interrobangs‽ I am too, so I had to make myself some interrobang acrylic earrings. Lucky for you I made some extras so we can be typography nerds together! These are made from a black acrylic with embedded rainbow glitter. Super cute, super geeky.

Life would be so much easier if I could just replace ?! with ‽

I only have these in studs, however if you require a hook I can switch it over easily. If you need a clip-on, I can replace the disc with a plain black with clip. Let me know at checkout!


Width: 3cm
Drop length: 7cm

Caring for your acrylic jewellery

Acrylic is hard but can be brittle and scratch easily, so don't get too rowdy while wearing your jewellery and store it somewhere safe. Don't wear it in water and avoid spraying perfume or other liquids on it.