Natalie Perkins of Fancy Lady Industries

Hi, I'm Natalie Perkins

I'm all about living life creatively and with passion.

When I studied art at university I was very interested in reclaiming "women's crafts" and as I head towards my 40s I'm quite proud that I have accumulated a number of craft skills. I spin yarn, crochet and knit, paint, draw, design, make jewellery, sew, draft patterns, and sing and play ukulele at a fairly average level.

My illustrations deal with self image, styling the body, and body image itself. My creative practice has a grounding in feminism and a desire to challenge conventional femininity. 

Fancy Lady Industries

My style is what one might call loud. I used to facetiously call myself a "fancy lady", being quite the opposite of a conventionally refined and ladylike woman. I laugh raucously, sit with my knees open, and am Very Opinionated. 

A few years ago I was making and selling a huge variety of things from original artwork to cloth menstrual pads to laser cut accessories. In the spirit of the industrial revolution and the rise of manufacturing, I decided to label my business Fancy Lady Industries because I am a feminist, a crafter, and a prolific maker of basically anything that interests me. 

In the last few years I have honed my focus and concentrated on designing laser cut jewellery. It appeals to my love of design, the desire to make things with my hands, and being able to create wearable objects that express personality through style.

Natalie Perkins selling her acrylic jewellery at the Brisbane Etsy Made Local Markets.

Find me in other places!

PDF Sewing Patterns

I've designed a couple of sewing patterns for bum bags and cloth menstrual pads.


Fabric Design

You can buy my art on fabric to sew into garments and homewares!

Spoonflower (US)
Next State Printing (Australia)

My Assistants

Nick Perkins

Husband, Moral Support And Postal Assistant

Nick puts up with my hours of obsessive illustration and talking about glue. He also helps me run orders to the post office when my social anxiety gets too much.

Miffy Perkins

Good Dog

The best and fluffiest good dog. Miffy barks at the parcel pickup person and sniffs outgoing orders as part of her stringent quality control method.