FLI History

Pastel Bee Ring

Fat Necklace - Black on White

Geo Poodle - Mint

Geo Wing Earrings

Period Knickers Brooch v1

Bread Tag Earrings - Pink

Death Head Moth Chatelaine Necklace

Bee Ring

Paisley Necklace

Geo Wasp Necklace - Mint and Copper Glitter

Teddy Bear Bee Brooch

Death Head Moth Chatelaine Brooch

Art Deco Necklace

Ornate Heart Necklace

Geo Moth Necklace - Red Glitter

Bread Tag Necklace - Mint

Bread Tag Studs

Art Nouveau Necklace

Moon and Stars Necklace

Peaceful Dove Necklace

Peaceful Dove Brooch

Gem Powa Necklace - Star Sparkle

Geo Moth Necklace - Star Sparkle

Geo Flamingo Necklace - Star Sparkle

Fat Necklace - Mirror

Fat Necklace - Gold Glitter

Geo Wing Earrings - Gold Glitter

Butterfly Necklace - Glitter

Blue Banded Bee Necklace - Glitter


Teddy Bear Bee Necklace - Glitter

Flower Wasp Necklace - Blue

Blue Banded Bee Brooch - Glitter

Teddy Bear Bee Brooch - Glitter

Geo Poodle Brooch - Pink

Geo Cat Brooch - Pink

Fat Necklace - Pink on White

Geo Poodle Brooch - Star Sparkle

Geo Cat Brooch - Star Sparkle

Geo Unicorn Necklace

3 made